When it comes to SUV’s and Crossovers it is hard to actually make a decision, buyers want what is best and what is best to look at. At Car Finance Blog we like to keep you up to date will all the best vehicles, so here is a list of the top 3 SUV’s and Crossovers.


Audi Q5

This Audi Q5 was voted 2018 best SUV. It may be pricey with pricey options list but the Q5 is smooth to drive, practical and reliable, with fantastic drive modes and great levels of tech the Audi Q5 is top of its class.


The BMW X3 is a powerful petrol machine with great driver appeal. But in all other areas, it will still come second place to the Q5. Standard tech is useful but still lacks on some, but the car’s quality feel is above all others.

Jaguar F-Pace

The Jaguar F-Pace is a loveable car to look at and drive, buyers have split into two minds with the F-Pace where it lacks in some areas it makes up in others. There’s room for improvement.


Audi Q2

The Audi Q2 is an amazing crossover with great looks and drive systomes it deserves a place in the top 3, delivering round about an impressive 150bhp. great driving systems and high levels of tech.

Nissan Kicks

The Nissan Kicks is a great new crossover with outsianding levels of tech, comfortable to drive the Kicks delivers in all aspects Nissan focused on looks and what a great job they have done.

Volvo CX40

The Volvo CX40 is a new age for Volvo with them bringing out the new range of small crossovers it is making a name for its self. great looks and great drive modes for on-road and off.

With a wide range of choise, we hope this small listing helps you out. thanks for reading check out more car facts like this.