New cars 2019

Here at Car finance Blog we love to keep you up to date with all the newest news on all motor vehicles from facts to reviews and here today we are going to be letting you in on all the expected models and makes to be hitting the shop floors in 2019, this list contains all well know manufactures with their newest models such as SUV’s, Sportscars and the new EV’s.

Although 2018 was mostly about SUV’s, all of the new cars of 2019 will be mostly be about electrification, there are many new competitions now with hybrids and EV models. Learn more about hybrid cars.

Electric cars like the Mercedes EQA, EQC and the Porsche Mission E are taking number 1 on the podium when it comes to the end of the decade, but with it coming to a new era there are many new vehicles wanting the number one spot, including a new Ford Mustang hybrid.

Make: Alfa Romeo

Model: Grand SUV

On sale: 2019

Price: From £40,000

Alfa Romeo has already announced that there will be a larger model than the Stelvio, it is set to be a head to head rival with the Audi Q7.

Make: Aston Martin

Model: DBX

On sale: Late 2019

Price: From £150,000

The Aston Martin DBX is said to be up there with the best newest SUV’s like the new Lamborghini Urus, Porsche Cayenne and the Maserati Levante.

Make: Audi

Model: Q4

On sale: Late 2019

Price: From £40,000

Audi has said there will be a new range of SUV’s coming to their shops with this Q4 being based on the new Q3 with a few inspirations from the loving Audi TT.

Make: Audi

Model: RS Q5

On sale: Early 2019

Price: From £60,000

Audi has never been worried about adding a few extra performance parts on to its SUV models, and the RS Q5 is said to give out a massive 444bhp with a 2.9L V6 and is also going to give other models in its class a run for their money like the Porsche Macan.

Make: Bentley

Model: Flying Spur

On sale: 2019

Price: From £140,000

We have been given a few incites on the new Bentley and we expect that it will be a massive 626bhp with a W12 engine.

Make: BMW

Model: 1 Series

On sale: 2019

Price: From £22,000

This is the fourth generation of the BMW 1 Series with nothing much changing other than some minor changes on the bodywork and the new rear-wheel-drive platform.

Make: BMW

Model: 8 Series

On sale: 2019

Price: From £110,000

BMW shocked everyone with the reborn range of the 8 series with massive performance and new tech but BMW hasn’t confirmed what they are yet, we are expecting similarities from the M5 super saloon, like a twin, turbocharged V8.

Make: Honda

Model: Urban EV

On sale: 2019

Price: From £20,000

While the Urban EV was very popular at the Tokyo show last year, the car will be hitting the streets in a couple more years although you can place orders from 2019

Make: Land Rover

Model: Defender

On sale: 2019

Price: From £30,000

Ever since Land Rover announced the Defender, buyers have always wanted a new model, and there might just be a new range of defenders and possibly a high level performing SVR model.

Make: Mini

Model: EV

On sale: 2019

Price: From £25,000

Viewers went crazy for the new Mini EV concept but Mini has announced that although this concept is amazing it will be downgraded for the streets.

Make: Porsche

Model: Mission E

On sale: 2019

Price: From £100,000

Porsche are claiming that the Mission E will give out 592bhp and will do 0-62 in 3.5 seconds and apparently you will get 249 miles out of this vehicle with only 20 minutes of charge.

Make: Toyota

Model: Supra

On sale: 2019

Price: From £45,000

It’s easy to say that the New Toyota Supra was a big hit at the Geneva Motor Show. Toyota has yet to confirm what is coming from the 4th generation Supra but this is a nice look of what is possible.