How to change a car radio

So today guys here at car finance blog I am going to be going through step by step, how to change a car radio. And the tools you will need, changing a car radio is rather simple when you know what you’re doing but can be rather difficult when you don’t.

Firstly let go through a few tools you will need in changing your car radio.

Tools needed to change a car radio:

  1. Crimp tool set
  2. Wire cutter and stripper
  3. Car stereo connector kit
  4. Posi-tap
  5. Heat shrink tubing
  6. Panel remove tools
  7. Wireworm
  8. Screwdriver pro

Step 1 checking the radio size

To begin with, you need to make sure you have the right sized radio most radios are a fitted size (DIN) Deutch Industri Normen which is a German fitted size that fits most cars. They started this off in the 80s in all the well-known makes of cars like Audi, Mercedes and BMW’s.

Step 2 taking out the factory radio

This step is rather easy all you need is you radio remover tools, the radios have a small slot where you insert your tool and what this does is pops it out of place so you can then grab it and pull it out. Once you have the radio out you can then begin to unplug all the wires.

Step 3 installing the new radio

When installing a new radio because of its new level of higher tech and signals it gives off the new radio will come with a signal booster all you have to do with this is connect all the wires that were plunged into the old radio and plug them into the new one.

Step 4 putting it all back together

This last step is pretty easy once you have got all the wires back and in the correct place of the radio from the new signal adapter and everything is where it should be again it is simply just a matter of putting the radio back into the slot and making sure it clips in.

Thanks for reading

I hope you find this helpful. For more information like this check out our ‘fix my car’ page. Thanks for reading.