Changing a Car Battery in 8 Steps

Although you may think changing a car battery may be hard its actually rather easy, here is our step by step on how to do so.

changing a car battery

Step 1

So, the first thing you need to do is make sure you take the keys out of the car because some vehicles will central lock when you reconnect the battery also the radio code will be lost once the battery is disconnected.

car keys

Step 2

most modern vehicles have a plastic box covering the battery. This must be removed before you can get to the battery terminals.

car battery

Step 3

you always start with the negative terminal which is the black one, the reason for this is because if we was working with the live terminal and touched the body work you would get a spark which could at worse blow the battery top of so always start with the black and finishes with the black, next you are going unbolt the main battery clamp for safety normally the battery.

unbolting the battery

Step 4

terminals will be covered with a plastic cover remove these then you can swap over the main battery terminals that has been left on the old battery its important when fitting any battery terminal that you make sure it goes as far down the post as possible the posts are taped and if you don’t do this they can clamp their self.

Step 5

on the post on the bottom of the new battery you will find the lip what the clamp goes onto Volkswagen and Audi use a thicker lip in which case you will need to add the spaces to the battery, sometimes battery’s come with them, so you will have to remove them if not fitting them.

Step 6

once you have done all this you fit the new battery back into place and then screw the clamp back on to hold it in place.

Step 7

like we said in the beginning we start with the negatives and finish with the negatives which is the black so the first terminal to go back on will be the positive red one and again make sure the post is as far down as possible when everything is back in place and the covers are fitted.

Step 8

make sure the central locking is working, as the alarm may be set once that is ok we can then set the radio code up, the windows may need to be used up and down before they work properly, and you may also need to drive the vehicle around the block before ABS and satiability lights are distinguished.

8 Tools Needed to Change a Car Battery

1. Crescent Wrench

2. Adjustable Wrench

3. Vise Pliers or a Socket Wrench

4. Pair of Adjustable Pliers

5. A Hammer

6. Battery Terminal Cleaner

7. Pair of Sturdy Gloves

8. Safety Goggles