Audi TTRS and Audi R8 new performance upgrade.

Audi has stunned us all again with their new and improved models of the TTRS and the R8.

With new high performance levels rocketing specs off the charts and with new body kits these two new Audi’s will be grabbing attention.


Audi have added lots of add ons to appeal to all Audi fans, but unfortunately they might not be making it to the UK

audi ttrs and audi r8

A new range of performance parts have been revealed from Audi. They have decided that Audi lovers should have more fun and options when it comes to customization, by adding on extras, sport car fanatics can now add Audi to their list with all the new tech, performance level and body kits. However Audi haven’t decided whether or not to let the UK buy in on it.

It has yet to be finalised if they will be offered.


The Audis new sport upgrades of performance covers four areas,

  • Suspension
  • Exhaust systems
  • Exterior
  • Interior

Audi knows that new breaking linings resist fade better than the usually standard Audi parts, both for steel and ceramic braking systems.

New fluorescent red paint lets people know the upgraded units are out, and with the R8’s titanium plates save a kilogram of weight overall. There are a number of cooling kits also available.

With the suspension Audi have allowed you to choose, with two or three-way coilover suspension this option is available on both TT’s and R8, along with 20inch black alloy wheels saving it 8kg overall. Audi have added bigger tyres also allowing the TTRS buyers to remove the top speed limiter- by doing this Audi lovers will be happy that it takes the TTRS to an impressive 174mph.

Audi have also added new Akrapovic exhaust systems that can be fitted to the TTS and TTRS. Audi are using a titanium silencer so they save weight and improve the sound.

audi ttrs and audi r8

Audi have allowed aero add-ons with them being the most noticeable and visible parts in the Audi Sport Performance Parts selection, with highlights on the air inlets, sills and diffuser. A fixed rear wing and a front splitter also improve downforce on the R8, while a bonnet vent is available on the TT RS.

Audi R8 Side Angle Audi R8 Front Angle Audi R8 Back Angle Audi TTRS back angle Audi TTRS front angle Audi TTRS side angle

Audi have really made it a special experience when you are in the cockpit of the TT’s and the R8’s.

On the inside, a stunning sports steering wheel with Alcantara is available for both models – with a red top marker. Audi have added a little treat in there for all Audi lovers and Shift paddle lovers. Carbon-fibre shift paddles are available too, along with a strut brace instead of rear seats in the TT it saves 20kg and improves rigidity.

Audi R8 interior Audi TTRS interior audi sport back interior